Following our experiences of the recent past, we’ve learned that achieving balance
in life is fundamental to being happy.

Working from home has its peaks and troughs; long live no commute! But equally,
we all miss the buzz of vibrant workplaces and the opportunities they bring.

At its core, Work and Play is about refusing to return to the unnatural work habits
of previous eras. To make it happen, we have to grab the opportunity with both
hands. We want it all today, not the promises that tomorrow might bring. Work
and Play is and always will be about your time and space.

We exist because:
• No space truly combines work & play
• People waste too much of their lives commuting
• High streets are the shared spaces of every local community

Our mission:
Create unique, healthy, productive, and visually awesome spaces, that support individuals and local communities to define our work + play balance of the future.

Our take on wellness:
To help us all cut through the “noise” and focus on what wellness means to us as individuals, we have woven the following seven ideas into the fabric of our spaces. See if you can spot them all!

The seven
healthy hymns provide
Time and Space for:

• Focus
• Play
• Exercise
• Connecting
• Distancing
• Mindfulness
• Sleep

the team



Freddie has chucked in the corporate towel after almost ten years in management consultancy, where he focused on organizational strategy, working with some of the world’s largest companies. He has always wanted to branch out entrepreneurially and can’t think of a better way than taking the leap (with his cousin), diving into a business that looks to revolutionize high street spaces and build strong local communities.



Tobias has spent the last 15 years as an entrepreneur in the property and building management sector, building businesses from scratch that today employ over 400 people. Having seen the gradual changes that have occurred in workspaces across the UK, he passionately believes that we stand ready to grasp a new future. A future where the things that make us happy and ultimately human, find their natural place in our day-to-day.



I may not be onsite all the time, but when I am, feel free to pawl me for a chat. Happy to work though your stressors for treats and pats. I am super excited about my new role in this boopiful space.

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