Feeling spiritual? Taking the time to destress and focus
on the broader aspects of wellness is equally as important
to rounded wellbeing.

Yoga - Auuuuuuummmmm

Reap the rewards of the 5000 year old practise and work towards physical and mental unity. Transform your posture and flexibility while relishing in the relaxation of the mind.

£15 / inc. VAT

Meditation - I may have nodded off

It’s about building awareness and getting a sense of perspective. It’s not about trying to  turn off or limit your thoughts or feelings. It’s about learning to observe them without judgment.

£15 / inc. VAT

Stretch & 420 CBD

CBD the active ingredient in Hemp has formidable healing and relaxation properties. This class involves wearing a patch and working through a range of holistic, functional stretching.

£15 / inc. VAT

Puppy Yoga

Puppy Yoga

It’s yoga, with puppies!

£35 / inc. VAT

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